About Us

About Us

The Zab Pearl Egg Farm

is one of the largest and most reliable shell egg producers in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

With having previous experience in the egg farming industry, we provide the best eggs for our people, while also contributing to our chickens and the environment.

Using the most advanced methods and equipments, we produce up to 350K eggs daily, all while offering the highest quality and safest eggs to our people in the most efficient way possible.

Quality assured by the CEO

Mazkin Barzani
Who we are

Our poultry farm is originated in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, near the Great Zab River, surrounded by beautiful mountains and great nature.

With such a environment and the highest technology and equipment we are able to produce healthy fresh organic eggs that fulfil international standards.

We will protect and share nature’s perfect food, ensuring a sustainable future and taking pride in every single egg that leaves our doors.

Mission and Vision

We have always believed that delicate products should be produced and sold locally. This way you are always getting a fresh and sustainably produced egg from a local farmer like us.

While eggs is one of the most versatile foods, consumed on a daily basis, our farm’s mission has been, and always will be, to supply fresh, high quality eggs to the Iraqi market while being responsible of our environment, we aim to provide more local eggs to our people for a more healthier lifestyle.

In order to keep nature’s most perfect food, we will continue to operate with an unconventional spirit, pioneering innovation and setting new standards in one of the most mature of all food categories.